Pest Control

We provides services for the eradication of pest such as termite, bat, cockroaches and many more to the buildings and residences.


Spraying of Pesticides

Spray pesticide in every corner of the building wall and nest for insects that inhabit the building or residence.


Preventive Fogging

Fogging with poison to remove or kill mosquitoes or insects


Bat Control (Kelawar)

Install a net around the roof of the house by using PVC type and suck the bat’s shingles inside the house ceiling and clean up.


Rat Control (Tikus)

Controlling rats by putting poison into the poison box which act as a food and laying on every route identified as the path of a rats.


Corrective Termite Treatment

Punching holes at 4 feet depth each hole is 2 feet and the distance on the wall is about 7 inches and injecting poison into the ground as a preventive measure and also kill termite that infested the building or home.

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